Real Trades. Real Decoding. Real Results.

We have over 14 years exprience in analyzing and picking top institutional trades making our subcribers successful and confident on every options or stock trade.

Notable Trades

Most times our winning trades that gets featured on the news cycle after “SMART MONEY” entered their positions.


How it works

See SMART MONEY ORDER PRINTS before the BIG moves happens.
These moves happens daily!

* Already counting up to 5236 signals


Our Patented "One Look" Options Flow Scanner brings more transparency and order entry speed

The “One look” Options flow, tells you everything before you place any trade. Identify options direction days to expiration and how many times “smart money” trades a specific symbol, giving you the edge on where to place your trade.

Powerful Interactive Dashboard

See how easy it is to find high percentage winning trades, eliminating unnecessary time analyzing data. Why? Because Smart Money already did the analysis, so you can plug and play in real-time.

Place your trades with Confidence

Enter trades confidently, knowing that institutions already spent time and resources analyzing so you can benefit from their efforts AKA huge profits.

Why are we successful.

Institutions spend billions of dollars to research, analyze and identify profitable strategies that nets a profitable year-over-year return on their investments. The average trader does not have such capability to compete with these juggernauts until now.

What levels the playing field is a loop hole that requires the institutions to show the TIME, DATE, VOLUME and DOLLAR AMOUNT spent on each trade. We capture that data and filter out the noise, so you can trade highly screened positions for increased profitable returns.

Watch our demo video

Below is an indicative moment for the stock AMC that we were able gain $10,600 on this trade in one day.

Our Core Services

Customizable suite of features to boost your trading skills.

Catalyst Trackers

Track and plan ahead for key events that moves the market FDA reports, Earnings reports, IPO Lockup periods and more.

Adaptive Trading Suite

Choose from multiple filters based on value, volume, cost to create your own list of instruments to track.

Analysis and News

Analyse instruments using a wide range of parameters, Create filters and alerts and stay updated with the latest market news.

Alerts and Order Management

Create alerts by email, text or by order feed for your preferred instruments and gets notified for every event.

Historical Reports

Get access to in-depth options and stocks historical trading reports by company to identify patterns and strategies.

Automated Trading or SMS trading

Trade with our unique tools from anywhere with the push of a button from auto alerts and SMS signals customized for the active trader.

Options Decipher Roadmap

Created by a dedicated team of Financial and Software Engineers with years of experience trading the financial instruments, crafting and simplifying complex derivatives for the average and experienced trader to be more profitable in their trading career.

Our Awesome Partner Sources

We gather data from multiple sources to stay ahead of any changes in the marketplace.